The Citizen Journalism program, a project of the Society for International Education (SIE) in collaboration with the Karachi Youth Initiative, aims to empower the youth to report from their own areas and communities and develop skills in the field of journalism.

The program aims to ensure that in this time of fake news and alt-facts, we keep creating the space for responsible, ethical journalism that comes from the public and is for the public.

As part of this project, 200 women and men have been trained in photojournalism, video journalism, ethics, and writing and reporting skills. These young adults, between the ages of 18 and 25, are an asset for their community and bring forward the challenges and successes of the areas they represent.

The project serves under-reported areas of Karachi, among them Agra Taj Colony, Khadda Memon Market, Manghopir, Mauripur, Sakhi Hassan, Rafah-e-Aam and Ibrahim Hyderi, Saeedabad and Sultanabad-Hijrat Colony.

About the contributors:

This newsletter is an effort to publish the work of our students and document what they have learnt throughout the training process. It is their very first step in the field of journalism and includes write-ups as well as photos that bring to light the issues they see around them. The newsletter is in both Urdu and English to allow participants to contribute in whichever language they are most comfortable.


A Project by SIE in collaboration with KYI.

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