• Sughra Nasir

Persian Legacy

Eid-e-Nauroz is a day that marks the beginning of a new year across parts of the Middle East and Asia. In Persian Nauroz means new day (Noau [new] and rouz [day]), symbolising new life and a new beginning. Nauroz is celebrated by Persains all over the world in countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, etc. It is also celebrated in Pakistan by Hazara community across Quetta and Karachi. Manghopir is one of those areas in Karachi where the Hazara community celebrates this day. Nauroz in Manghopir In Manghopir people celebrate the new year with families gathering around a specially prepared dastar khuwan which is also called "Sufre haftseen" to make wishes for the coming year. It is believed that the items on the dastar khuwan refer to a new life and renewal, and they are based around the number 7. Although the custom has evolved over the centuries and may have regional varieties, at least seven basic items each beginning with the letter (sin in Persian) are traditionally placed on the haftsin.

The items mostly placed on the haftsin are;

  • Sib (apple) signifies beauty

  • Sanbol (hyancinth) signifies fragrance

  • Serkh (wine vinegar) signifies immortality and eternity

  • Senjed (wild olives) signifies fertility and love

  • Sabzeh ( wild olives) signifies rebirth

  • Samnu (wheat sprout pudding) signifies sweetness

  • Seek (coins) signifies wealth

Other symbols of good luck can also be placed on the haftsin such as garlic (seer) to bring good health, a goldfish to mark the passage from Pisces to Aries, a mirror to reflect the light of wisdom and creation. It can also include rose water which symbolises purifying and sweetness, a flower floating in a bowl of water to represent the Earth floating in space. candles to symbolize holy fire, and a decorated egg to represent fertility . A copy of Quran is also placed to signify prayers.

Apart from Sufre Haftsin, families also go to the places of greenery like gardens and parks to enjoy the Nauroz.


Sughra Nasir is a participant from Manghopir. She is interested in writing, reporting and photography.


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