• Urooj Fatima

Delhi Food Street

The city of lights, Karachi, is full of wonders and breathtaking things. Among the most iconic things about the city are its food streets, which have long been the center of attraction for tourists. Apart from the mainstream food streets there are many lesser known ones, which are now eventually making into the mainstream food frenzy of the city; Dehli Food Street is among one of them.

Dehli Food Street is located in Baldia town and is the main food attraction for the foodies out there. Initially it had four restaurants, which only served chai and other desi foods. In the late 90’s, an electrician opened a new restaurant which was a huge success and others followed suit. Eventually, the street became an attraction and transformed into a food street that now has many varieties of food ranging from local to many other cuisines.

"This is a local food street and I go here only for my favorite, the tikka of Dehli, which is so well-seasoned and tasty. No other tikka can beat the taste of this one", said Hafeez, a visitor from North Karachi. "I like Dehli food street because of its quality and different varieties of mouth-watering foods. The rates here are very economical and I can easily invite a large group of friends for dinner without worrying about the bill,” said Ali, an inhabitant of Baldia Town.


Urooj Fatima is a participant from Saeedabad. She is interested in writing, reporting and photography.


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