• Fatima Ameer


Ibrahim Hyderi is located in Korangi Town, Karachi. Majority of the population in Ibrahim Hyderi is associated with Fishing which is also a source of their livelihood. Another major work that the locals are involved in is constructing and repairing boats. According to one of the boat-makers, building a new boat costs around One Crore Rupees and it usually takes around ten months to complete one boat. There are types of wood that are used to make the boat which includes keekar, sheesham, fana, ghalaw, alachi, sufeda, pakka, and matth. Keekar which is used to make the frame of the boat is obtained from Punjab and Sindh. Pan, used for making the inner part of the boat, is imported from India and Sri Lanka. Ghalaw, on the other hand, is used for making the floor of the boat. Most of the work is done by hand and equipment like hammer, axe, axe hoke, etc are used in making of these boats.


Fatima Ameer is a participant from Manghopir. She is currently enrolled at Sir Syed College and wants to pursue journalism.



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