• Raheen Rimsha

Pakistan Chowk

Pakistan Chowk, an area named after a roundabout, is located only a few kilometers away from the famous Empress market of Karachi. In1880s, the Hindu Shahani family envisioned it as the educational heart of Karachi. Pakistan law house was established here in 1950, and was frequented by luminaries such as federal ministers for law, Khalid Anwer and Fakhruddin G.Ebhrahim. Even Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was said to have visited this place, which had become a hub for discussing pressing academic and political issues. The old building of British Council is also there, which is now named as Sarangti building. Thus, the Chowk has long remained a heritage site of great significance, bringing together the people of varied cultural and religious backgrounds for discussion.

KARACHI: A space to rest in the middle of the chaos at Pakistan Chowk.

KARACHI: The space around the monument had been remodeled with new benches, lamp posts and trees. Now laborers take afternoon naps on the benches of Pakistan Chowk.

KARACHI: The Pre-Partition architecture at Pakistan Chowk.

KARACHI: On Sundays, children come from different areas and learn painting and sketching here free of cost. An artist, Mr. Farrukh, teaches sketching to the students. The art classes are held here from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

KARACHI: Pakistan Chowk comes to life because of art.

KARACHI: Pakistan Chowk Community Centre, a two-room space located in the old building of Sultani Mahal, was inaugurated on August 16th, 2017. The Pakistan Chowk Community Centre is located only 30 feet away from the Pakistan Chowk. It is open to public from 2:30pm to 6:30pm on weekdays and from 3:00pm to 8:30pm on weekends.

KARACHI: The purpose of this centre is to provide a space for Arts and Cultural activities, which cannot be carried out at the Chowk itself.

KARACHI: Recently Pakistan Chowk was rehabilitated by a heritage consultant Marvi Mazhar with the support of Sharmila Saheba Farooqi (MPA, Sindh). On 11th December 2016, the Pakistan Chowk rehabilitation program was completed which has given the place its glory back. The aim was to reclaim this public space and give it back to the community.


Rimsha Raheen is a participant from Agra Taj Colony, Lyari. She is interested in writing, reporting and video making.



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