• Bushra Hameed

Burns Road Tastes & Sounds

When we think about the food street, the first name that comes to mind is Karachi “Burns Road.” The famous lassi shops in the area have been around since the Pre-Partition period. Burns Road is one of the most populated areas of Karachi. It is also known as the biggest and best food street in the city, where one can get Gola Kabab, Nihari as well as its famous specialties such as dhaga kabab, fry kabab, haleem and fried finger fish. More specialties including kheer, rabri, rasmalai, ras gulay, lassi and dahi bara. There are a couple of halwa puri stalls where halwa puri is served for breakfast. There are also many heritage buildings in the area, where people have been living for generations.

KARACHI: The most different building of this area needs to be looked after

KARACHI: If you want to eat rabri, this is the perfect house for rubri and traditional dessert lovers.

KARACHI: Among the best known Haleem restaurants in the city of lights.

KARACHI: A view of an old building at burns road, which is in a dilapidated condition.


Bushra Hameed is a participant from Sultanabad - Hijrat Colony. She is interested in reporting and photography.



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