• Syed Hilal Hassan

Green Revolution

KARACHI: Trees play a vital role in the ecosystem of the world. According to environmentalists, the lack of plantation in the world today has led to an increase of poisonous gases in the air. These gases when inhaled cause different diseases and shorten the lifespan. It has also resulted in an increase in temperatures because of which many countries experience extreme temperatures and frequent heat waves. Moslim Raza Syed is one of active horticulturists in Karachi who has been working on the aforementioned issue for the past twenty years now. He began his own green revolution from his house where he dedicated his rooftop to grow plants. He has grown many fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants. This has also helped him to provide fresh air in the surroundings. According to Mr. Syed, plantation is not an easy task. It requires knowledge and skills along with dedication. He also added that it is important to sow the right plants to clean the air otherwise it will have a reverse effect, e.g, planting conocarpus, common in Karachi, which is planted by the local government, is actually harmful for the environment.


Syed Hilal Hassan is a participant from Sakhi Hasan. He is an environmentalist and is interested in reporting and video making. He is also involved in many social activism projects.



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