• Sajjad Ahmed

‘No more street crime, only street food’

Updated: Feb 3

Baldia town is the kind of place where nights are comparatively brighter than its days. Here, almost anything can be found at any time of the night from food to medicine.

In many ways, the bustling streets of Baldia Town bring people together. The area is famous for its food, which represent the different cultures of both its residents and generally, of Pakistan. Baldia Town has Peshawar’s famous charsi tikka, karhai from Delhi food street and Mumbai’s famous khattay aalu and choley.

People come from all over Karachi also come to eat Baldia's famous Biryani at muhajir camp no 4.

Everything is fresh and pure just like the people who embrace everyone with an open heart. Now, Baldia is no longer known for a high crime rate, but for great food.

Below are some photos from the food street of Baldia Town.


Sajjad Ahmed resident of Saeedabad is passionate about writing and highlighting local community issues through his writings.


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