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Citizen Journalism participants come together in Mauripur

The first time I went to a church was on September 27th, when the Citizen Journalism Program organized a dialogue and discussion session in Mauripur. This was a very inspiring session where I met people from different parts of Mauripur.

Different stories were presented here. The first story was by Sabir Baloch who talked to us about a footballer who started playing on the streets as a child and is now an international player, lighting up the name of his country.

Another story was about the Tikri Education Center, where children are given education free of cost. This is a personal initiative of the people of Mauripur who run this centre without any outside help. Such institutes should be highlighted so people in other parts of Karachi can do similar work and gain inspiration from them.

Among my favourite stories was one about Miss Patricia Gill, who helps the poor and distributes groceries to them and also runs some classes for girls in sewing and computer skills. The event ended with a story about Raheel Kaif, who has been a singer for 20 years. Raheel Kaif gave his whole life to singing. He makes an income by selling caps and spends the rest of his time working on music.

After this story, some members of the church and Saad Rabbani from the CJ team came together and sang some songs. Overall, the event had a very positive feel to it and it was nice to see people of different religions together.

Contributor: Bisma Soomro


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